Parts FAQ

Below are a list of frequently asked questions about the USA Marine parts & accessories department.

1. Why is a serial number required for motor or boat parts inquiries?

Most boat and boat motor manufacturers make constant changes and improvements to their products

throughout any given model year. Therefore. in order to ensure that we are obtaining the correct part we require the engine or boat's serial number. (Especially on manufactured parts such as canvas and upholstery).

2. How do I locate my engine or boat's serial number?

Most boat's VIN tags (Vehicle Identification Numbers) are on the right hand (starboard) side of the transom (rear) of the boat. Fiberglass models have it etched into gelcoat and aluminum boats usually have a riveted on tag. Outboard motors usually have a tag with a model number and serial number somewhere on the clamp bracket (part that holds onto transom of boat). Sterndrive models will have 3 sets of serial numbers. One for the Outdrive, One for the Transom Plate Assembly and a third on the motor itself.

3. Why can't I get original canvas or upholstered items for my older boat?

The boat manufacturers only maintain inventory and patterns to manufacture such items for a period of no more than seven years. After that, original fabrics and materials become more difficult to obtain from their suppliers. If your boat is six years old and you are thinking about ordering replacement seats, etc. you should do so before the boat is seven years old.

4. Why do some parts take so long to get (especially in the summer)?

Because the boat business is highly seasonal and the manufacturers fill special orders on a first come, first serve basis many manufactured items take much longer to obtain from April to August (versus September through March). Please keep in mind that because of the ever increasing number of models and custom color options available that it becomes nearly impossible for the manufacturers to keep one of every item on a shelf waiting for someone to order it. (Most "hard parts" however, are stocked by the builders for recent year products). Also, the chances of a motor part being back-ordered is highest during the summer when demand is highest.

5. Why does USA Marine require full pre-payment on special orders?

USA Marine Inc. requires 100% pre-payment on special orders for any item that is a non-stocking item because

of the specific nature of each individual part (with the chances of re-selling these items being very low).

6. What is the USA Marine return policy on items?

We require that the item be in it's original packaging accompanied by the original sales receipt and in unused,

re-sellable condition.

The following criteria also apply to all returns:

  • No returns on specially ordered items, electrical parts, manuals, or tools.
  • Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase (no exceptions).
  • Returns on in-stock items will be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.

7. Can I order items over the phone and have them shipped to me?

Yes, we accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover & AMEX cards as well as PayPal.

8. How fast can I expect a response to an email inquiry?

We respond to all inquiries received in the order in which they are received. During peak times it may take up to 2-3 days as we receive parts inquiries from all over the world.

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