Service Department

Bob Bourget - Operations Manager

Bob Bourget

Operations Manager
Phone: 508-791-7116 Option 1
"Ya"ll know me". Been fixin', racin', repairin' for over 35 years. Proud of my tenure here with this family and our clientele. Merc schooled, BSBA, complete with a friendly smile. Want it fixed? Come and see me.

Sales Department

Bruce Gustafson - Sales Manager

Bruce Gustafson

Sales Manager
Phone: 508-791-7116 Option 3
Been here since the beginning. Everyone knows Bruce!

Parts Department

Mark Lewis - Parts Manager

Mark Lewis

Parts Manager
Phone: 508-791-7116 - Option 2
Employed Since 1994 - Website/Parts Manager and Owner of The Vinyl Approach which produces Custom and Reproduction Boat Logos and Decals (See