Why Buy From Us?


Nowadays, it is very easy to THINK you're getting a good deal from a large "big box" store. You MIGHT save a penny or two over the typical Mom and Pop shop, but remember when Customer Service comes into play, it can be a virtual nightmare to get things accomplished...

At USA Marine, a Customer is a friend, one whom we'll remember your name when you visit. We'll make you feel like you are part of our boating Family. From smiling faces, providing answers to your questions, to problem resolution, we stand apart from the Competition. Over 120 years of Marine sales and service knowledge allows us to make the statement that in order to "talk-the-talk", you need to "walk-the-walk". We do. Most of our Principal Employees have been here for over 25 years! You simply will NOT find that elsewhere. What does this mean? It means you'll get integrity, honesty, and knowledge.

We simply strive to be the best at what we do. It doesn't always work out that way, ( we're human ) but we will make the effort. With Consumer surveys that are consistently in the high 90's, we are considered by Mercury Marine to be at the highest possible, attainable Premier level. You don't get there by not taking care of your customers. Think about this the next time you are considering a new boat purchase, re-power, or tuning up your present boat. Don't just trust what I said...ask around.

In closing, we thank-you for giving us the opportunity to serve YOU.